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CHA, Sassafrass

Wow, back from a crazy quick trip from CHA! We had so much fun getting to “experience” all the new stuff. Meeting the new products in the physical is a complete difference to catalog and virtual photos for us scrappers who are so textile driven. One of my favs I am jotting a quick post on is Sassafrass. They were a major hit for me and have great things in store for the months ahead too. Here is some pics from the booth to share. Their new lines Mix & Mend and Count Me in are fabulous!

Toilet Paper

So maybe this is taking the whole up-cycling / receycling thing too far but interesting nonetheless. Us crazy scrappers are making use of what normaly would be disposed in the weekly trash pick up – empty toilet paper rolls. I have seen these rolls transformed into gift card holders, mini albums, seasonal decor and more.

Well now the joke is on me, because it turns out there are very fun to make…photos of my own toilet paper projects coming soon!

I am entering it in toilet paper roll mini album contest on so wish me luck!

Army Updates

So my husband has been home exactly a year today from his deployment to Iraq.  It’s cliché but it’s true, time flies! I can’t believe it has been a year and I am so thankful as I reflect back over the last year we have had together as a family. I am guilty perhaps of perhaps not appreciating the fact that he was HERE as we live the past year, which is a shame because it was so hard when he wasn’t here. I guess it was back to normal for me, but as a military family you have to be even more thankful for those “normal” times you have together because things aren’t always that way.

Anyway, this post really isn’t intended to reminisce but to provide an update on the status of our Army life.

We actually thought Jon was going to deploying with a small group of soldiers to Afghanistan in January but he was bumped from the mission. He of course is bummed and I am of course relieved…weird huh? So for now he is home but we will see how Obama’s stance changes things in the year ahead, it’s like we are braced for the orders to come at any time.

Also Jon got PROMOTED! He is now a Sargent in 142nd but he had to transfer to the Springdale Battery to accept the promotion. I guess that makes it bittersweet because he was just settling into his unit, but I know that making Sargent was one of his goals he has had since he enlisted 3 years ago and it means a lot to him to achieve it.

Can you believe he has been in for 3 years?! The 3 year mark also means his initial commitment is up, he would go into reserve status only in February if he didn’t re-enlist. However, I am resolving to myself that he is probably in for life! He re-enlisted for 1 year, he would have done more but bonuses right now are pitiful which may change so this leaves him open to snag a better option if it becomes available.

Jon is also considering going to college using some of his military schooling benefits. We will see how it pans out, he hasn’t been in school for a long time and he’s not sure what he would go for yet. I think he will start slow and see where it goes.

Anyway, that is the udpate on the Military aspect of our life right now…we will let ya know if we get orders!

Another Las Vegas Trip…part duex!

Okay so a trip to Vegas would not be complete without the dressing up each evening to hit the town for the fabulous dining and nightlife! Here are some of our favorites…

We hit Freemont street one night which is so old school Vegas, and Jon’s favorite…Andy got hit on (or made fun of, not sure which) for his BOLD paisley top! It was a biker rally in town too which made for a very interesting mix of crowds.


Another evening we went to dinner & show with the whole crew which was hysterical to use one word! Half of us stayed at the Encore (part of the Wynn) so we went there for dinner and to see Le Reve. The show was like nothing I have ever seen before! Amazing acrobatics, music and multi-faceted performers doing water trips, diving, gymnastic and more…blew my mind!


Another Las Vegas Trip!

Wow, I can’t believe we made it to Las Vegas twice in one year! I know we just went in June for our anniversary but we couldn’t pass up a trip to go with the Tillman’s on their anniversary as tag alongs…then our boss and crew decided to tag along as well so it was the whole gang! Here are some of our favorite pics from the trip. We did a lot of hotel hoping, great dining out, saw the show Le Reve, visited hoover damn as well as the Boneyard (the place where all the old Vegas neon signs go to die).


Hoover Dam & the Boneyard

Hoover Dam was one of those “must see in this lifetime” places so I am glad we went. The views and lanscape were breathtaking. We could see fish from the top swimming in the crystal blue waters. We enjoyed listening to the Dam Gift Shop employees jokes about the dam this and the dam that…play on Vegas Vacation!…one went something like this…

“Did you know someone threw a dog of the dam yesterday?”

“No, really?”

“Yeah, they said it had too much dam mustard!”

haha…it was a great atmosphere and work enviornment I imagine getting to joke all the time!


As for Boneyards, it surpassed all my expectations! We got some amazing photographs, it was so insipiring and colorful. But we also learned a ton of Vegas history which was enlightening as well. It sounds like they will be continuing to work on establishing a more formal museaum for these signs (rather than the rough fenced parking lot it is currently housed in!). I would add this to your must to in Vegas list for sure!

I will work on a second post of other Vegas pics soon.



I know most of us scrappers don’t do many pages about ourselves, the one behind the camera taking the photos! I am in the same boat as many of you, I do try to include one picture of me at each event I scrapbook at least. However for this page I did it just about ME. It’s simple and bright and there is a page two…maybe it will get posted when I get organized enough to photograph and upload it too.


Me @ 25 Layout

Me @ 25 Layout

Close up of Layout

Close up of Layout