NWA Craft Fair Weekend

It’s official craft fair week in the Ozarks! There are craft fairs at Spanker Creek, War Eagle, Bella Vista, Embassy Suites, Clarion, and Frisco Station Mall. Definately enough crafts to keep anyone consumed for days browsing, seeking and being iNsPiReD. The website to get all the details is http://nwacraftfairs.com/. Of course beyond the crafts there is always the FOOD. You MUST buy a  large bag of Kettle corn to share and bring home. You must consume a Funnel Cake while you are there as well as a jumbo corn dog. We also did yummy egg rolls at the Bella Vista Craft fair and Fried Pickles at War Eagle both of which we delightful! No “real” food I suppose, but great snackies.

One of my favorites this year was at Embassy…since I have a little girl I am biased because they had so many booths of frilly pink things it just made me hApPy! Check it out if you have a girlie girl for sure.

I also grabbed cards from some of my favorite booths so here are Katie’s top 5 booth.

Tammi Crystal Designs (tammy crystal designs.com)

Trendy Glass Soldered jewelry – shhh…this is a secret I would rather keep to myself but I am going to share since they are so aWeSoMe! These items make fabulous personalized gifts for all the women in your family. Buy a few of the chains and you can buy the charms for all seasons and mix and swap them out depending on the time of year.

Southern Traditions Woodworking (southerntraditions.ar.com)

Furniture – I guess because we are considering moving to a new home and needing massive amounts of furniture this appealed to me. You could add personal touches to the furniture for your home at a very reasonable price.

 Dumpster Divas

I got so many ideas while weaving my way thru these ladies little booth at War Eagle! They had lots of Zebra, Shabby Chic, Hot Pick, Repurposed items that were eye catching and well priced. My daughter was going nuts over the Twilight props they had on their vanities! Again if you have a girlie girl this was a place to be! They also had a massive antique trunk that would have loved to go home with me, but maybe another time : (

Cherry Apple Berries (cherryappleberries.com)

Clothing – These are trendy, affordable and personalizable items for everyone! Stocked with hit t-shirts and available to order any logos you would like.

Lollitops (lollitopsusa.com)

Children’s Items – no matter how many times I see this product I can’t get over how clever it is! It is a fashion invention for little girls, great for gifting and available in an array of options. Check them out for any little girl in your life.

Honorable Mention:

My Hodgepodgerie (www.myhodgepodgerie.com)

Gifts/Goodies – while there were several booths doing the embellished diaper wipe cases this booth also had some adorable wristlets I fell in love with as well as a tie tshirt for little boys that was rockin’.


Crafty Flowers

My handmade flowery things

My handmade flowery things

As usual when I find a new crafty thing I dive right in – buying all the necessary STUFF to conquer a new craft project. I’ve done it with paper-pieced t-shirts, tutus, haloween decorations…I just get myself into all these new things… and that is just what happened this weekend!  I became obsessed with fabric flowerly things. It started when I saw these outragious flowers on a cardigan at NY & CO. and then my brain starts going…hmmm I could make those (and cheaper than buying them at $4.50 a pop). Then the next thing I know I am searching u-tube for “how-to make a fabric flower”, “retro hair accessories” and anything related.

Nothing great there so I surf over to etsy.com and find some flowers I like and just start cutting out scraps of fabric and guessing how they made their lovely flowery creations. I used hot glue  (cuz I am far too impatient for sewing!) and some scrapbooking buttons I had around, and before long I have some flowers of my very own.


However, my next trip to Hobby Lobby of course included Organza, Fabric Stiffner spray, fun fabrics, more buttons and various attachment devices costing me nearly $100 so my effot to save $ by making the flowers myself is shot down and I have a kitchen island completely covered in hot glue and fabric scraps but they are OH SO CUTE!

Pirate Party

Card & EnvelopParker Skull Card

Close Up of Masked Skull on Wrapping paper

Close Up of Masked Skull on Wrapping paper

Birthday Package

Birthday Package

Just a quick post about a birthday party we are headed to this afternoon. It is a pirate themed party for a little boy named Parker, whose mom I am good friends with. She is definatly the modern mom and has great style. So maybe there isn’t many mother’s of 2 year olds that appreciate this but I think she will love it.

I used my faithful Cricut and the Indie Art cartridge to create a mask on the wrapping paper which I painted around and did some splattering on. It definatly pops with the lime green and black! For the card I used the same cartridge to cut out another skull and then I did his name on the Stamped cartridge to create a simply but dimensional personalized card. I added Crystal Laquer to the white parts of the card and a bit of Lime Green Stickles (again, my favorite product right now!) to the card for some sparkle. For the vellum envelop I did another mask with spaltters and rub-on of the #2 for his special day so they coordinate. It should be cute and I am looking forward to a fun party with Parker!