How is it October in my sweet life?

My mind is realing at the fact that is October 17th…apply all the cliche’s here about how quickly time goes by! Time really does fly.

In some ways that is frustrating when I have so many things to get done in the day. I want to clone myself and send each of me to take on different aspects of my life just so I can keep up & do all things well. Working, Creating, Wife, Mom, Friend, Auntie, Sister…finding the balance. The sweet spot where everything just jives is a hard persuit.

In some ways it’s exciting that time is going by so quickly. It means we are getting closer to the holidays (my favorite time of year) and also closer to vacation which is 33 days away! We have planned for a year for this family vacation. It is a treat we are so excited to give my parents & siblings – perhaps once in a lifetime trip although I hope it spurs a tradition! I am so looking forward to boarding the big cruise ship and checking out of life for a solid week. Just pure relaxation and family time. It’s so needed right now. I live a sweet life and I don’t spend enough time savoring that so I hope time sloooowss down for our vacation so we have loonnng days to enjoy.

I did take some time this week to do some creating which re-juvenates me so much. Here is a layout about one of the sweetest parts of my life, my amazing husband. It’s hard to remember my life before him, we met & started dating when I was 17 years old – just babies! Now he turns 30 this week which is just crazy in my mind…again time flies. I wish him a very happy 30th and look forward to making more sweet memories in years and years to come. XOXO

Back to my layout, which I couldn’t share without talking about the awesome product. 99% of the goodness I used for this page is Pink Pailee’s Sweetness line. It is a non-traditional mix of colors in a line about love & valentine’s day. There are amazing rub ons, papers, & stickers to coordinate. And guess what??? I WON ALL THE PRODUCT! I was the very lucky recipient of a HUGE Pink Paislee prize basket at fun scrappin’ event. Our LSS, Signed, Sealed & Delivered brought in Rebecca Cross who is the founder & owner of Pink Paislee to teach for a day. We all got tons of product for the great classes she taught and then to win was just the icing on the cake. Stick a fork in me I am done! She’s amazing… the entire day was amazing and getting to create with heaps of free scrappin’ product is amazing. Another sweet spot in my life this week.



Feels like summer

Arkansas weather feels like we are just on the edge of summer. The season I love the most!

I love no school, which equallys sleeping in!

I love a sweating kiddo

I love big sunglasses and sunscreen

I love afternoons splashing in the pool & the smell of chlorine

I love having time to read (currently enjoying Jodi Picoult’s “19 Minutes”)

I love Watermelon and BBQ’s

I love NO agendas, NO activities, NO sporting events

I love watching her jump in the sprinkler & eating popsicles

We are right there, so close! A few more weeks of school then we are home free. Awe

Of course we have to scrapbook all those amazing summer moments as well! I LOVE bright colors for summer and I have a few favorites I can’t wait to use, they are really just screaming to have photos on them of swimsuits, beaches, big sunglasses and kite flying.

The first is from a new company Echo Park Paper Company. Summertime is their first and only line released so far and they have my mouth watering as to just what they will put out next. It is very bright and great for boys or girls. It features a lot of banners which are the “it” thing right now too.

The second is from October Afternoon and it’s called “Fly a Kite”. It is more muted but still summer ready and very kitchy which is totally cute. Good for far more than kite flying pics.

As soon as I get my pics on this paper I will share! Happy Scrapping.

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All the Easter fun has come and gone but I would still like to share. A few of the things that made Easter great for me this year.

Decorating…I had so much fun bringing “Spring” into our new house. Literaly there was snow on the ground and I was willing Spring to Spring already with all the bright colors and decor. I couldn’t take another flake falling from the sky. Here are some of my favorite Easter decor ideas.

Of course we also colored eggs which is in everyone’s Easter traditions I think. We chose a tye die kit since Kaia is almost 9 she can handle something a little more advanced. Well it wasn’t a “kit” really just a few baggies to put the eggs in to smear around the color but we still had a great time even though we had egg dye stains on our hands for 2 days afterwards.

We also had perfect weather on Easter Day and it was a great day to be our on the McMullen “farm”. Kaia and all her cousins had an egg hunt with more eggs than they could fit into their baskets! Great food, family and fun sums it all up! We even enjoyed a walk down to the creek and saw some of the new critters on the farm.

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I think in Arkansas the historical chance of getting a white Christmas is about 5%…well we must be lucky this year because we got a white Christmas and MORE SNOW already! You may sense the sarcasm about the snow because I really like only 1-2 good snows for the year, just enough to sled for a day, build a snowman and then be able to carry on my everyday life. But this snow made it impossible to get around Christmas day, and is keeping me walled in for the past couple days with more on the way! Ug.

Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm I do realize it is a highlight for kids to have SNOW Days and the excitement in our house with Kaia is no different. We purchased a sled before Christmas to be prepared with all the great sledding hills around our new home. We all ventured out to break in the snow first thing but all the excitement turned to pain…

Kaia went down a few small hills just in front of our house and Jon made fun of the in-adequate hill she had chosen to sled on, recommending instead that they sled straight down on the road. Leave it to Jon to choose the fastest and most extreme sledding path option. Jon prepped Kaia with a speech “bail off if you are going to fast because you will stop” which Kaia ignored on her first trip, rather opting to lay on her belly and drag her legs to slow down her sled as shown here.

First Trip down the road.

Then Jon decides the 2 should go down the hill together in the double tube. Perhaps not considering the increased velocity equal to the increase in weight on the tube…

…the two went veering off the road creating a trail of “powder” in the air (now  I know for certain why they refer to snow as powder). They headed in a tailspin straight for a forest of trees 50 feet from their original intended path. Then they SLAMMED right into the trunk of an evergreen. The tree poofed in a cloud of it’s own white powder as all the snow was violently shaken from the tree. Jon had collided spine to trunk and Kaia was tumbled off the sled.

Jon and Kaia spinning in a cloud of powder

Of course my camera read CARD FULL just a few frames before the collision so I missed getting the peak of their trip on film. So I was complaining about that, then in the seconds later Kaia was screaming. The kind of “I am in pain” scream every parent knows. So I am tramping down the hill in all my snow gear to see what’s going on, considering what bones may have been broken. Jon didn’t get up for several minutes, having taken the direct impact to his tailbone.Kaia was complaining about her back hurting and she wouldn’t move from laying flat out on her belly. We finally calm the tears enough to get her to scoot onto the (completely DEFLATED) sled so we can carry her up the hill into the house. Now my crippled husband and myself (trying to keep my camera dry) have to drag the 100lb child up the hill! Ug. Both Jon and Kaia are sore and have taken pain killers but there are no broken bones, just bruises and scratching. No more sledding this year I suppose…snowman building is much more our speed in this condition!

At least someone had only FUn in the snow.

Snow dogs Buddy and Rosco wildly enjoying all the snow.

Christmas all thru the house…

Christmas is of couse my favorite Holiday because I love Jesus! There are also lots of other reasons I love Christmas, a major one being how cozy our home feels during this time of year. So our decorating expidition began with decorating our NEW house…I have to admit it was a bit stressful adding Christmas on top of moving but it was worth it. Jon was actually gung hoe about getting the lights up on the STEEP roof peaks and they look amazing although I am not sure I agree with him risking his life for the beauty of it. I enjoyed decorating the mantle, staircase and big front window. Here are some photos to enjoy, we are sure ready to enjoy the holidays in our new home.

We are moving!

Our new home in Bentonville.

So we have riden the roller coaster of trying to sell our home…

Are we going to stay?

Are we going to move?

We have lived in our home for 4 years and done lots of remodeling which was a huge amount of stress and the market is down…on and on…the bottom line is we are ready to move on to a house that better suites our long term needs so we are moving ahead.

We are taking the risk of moving without having sold or leased our exsisting home but we are relying on God that things will work out just how he plans and it will all end well.

We are very excited about our new house in Bentonville on 5 acres. More pics to come as we get settled.

Scrapbook News & Review

So I am just tIcKLed and have to share with someone…or everyone

I am going to have 4 layouts published in Scrapbook News & Review coming out October 24th!!! I recieved an email yesterday regarding the publication and while I am so excited to be a part of it, I am bummed because my husband is out of town for a 3 day drill weekend and left his phone behind. So of course the one person I want to share with most isn’t here to cheer me on. Bittersweet I suppose.

Anyway, this is only the 2nd online submission I have made so I was excited to be selected for the issue. From my understanding it is for an article revolving around different scrapbooking styles from Modern Clean lined, to Shabby Chic, Digital or Ecclectic. I think I am falling into Shabby Chic, maybe Ecclectic though. We will just have to see. But they picked 4 out of 4 of the layouts I sent to them for consideration.

Like I said I am just tickled because I have won a few contests before but this is my first publication…look out Lisa Bearson here I come!!!

BTW, I of course can’t post the layouts as they have the rights for them for the magazine but I will scan pics of the magazine once it comes out to share. Kaia is also excited to be the model in the magazine since she is in most of the pics but Blaklie, Boston, Chelsie and myself as well as a huge family group shot will be in there.