Like my blog header states there are so many facets of me, this is true of most people I suppose, but I digress…some of the facets that shape me are:

  • I am the wife of an amazing man, Jon, who is also a solider in the US Army National Guard. We have been together since I was 17
  • I am a young mother to an 8 1/2 year old daughter, Kaia, who enjoys horseback riding, basketball, art, animals & soccer. She is also on the Autism spectrum
  • I am a business woman who loves her job and enjoys being in the “food business”
  • I am a creative spirit at heart, loving the arts from theater to photography to decorating and scrapbooking
  • I am an entrepreuner of 2Katie Designs (www.2katiedesigns.com), which right now offers scrapbooking classes & kits but we have big dreams for future expansions into other areas.
  • I am a dog lover. My favorite spot to be is in my scrapbook studio with Buddy at my feet. Awe Bliss!
  • Lastly, but ultimatly most important I am a believer of Christ and having a relationship with him versus being “religious”

Hmmm…so that’s where I come from!

The biggest baby of the family, BuddyThe one and only Tennis KiddoOur little familyMe and Sgt.


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